• We are a group of over 70 volunteers who give our time, enthusiasm and expertise for free
  • We have delivered the City’s unique mobile welcoming, information and signposting service in the City Centre
    since 2012
  • We work between 9.30am and 3.30pm Monday – Friday; 10.00am- 2.30pm Saturday and 11.00am -3.00pm Sunday in 2 hour shifts from Easter to early October and for special events throughout the year
  • We regularly update our information, resources and training and work with other city tourism attractions and
  • We pride ourselves in our knowledge of, and passion for, the City
  • We have received praise and thanks from home and abroad and have twice won a regional tourism award for our work
  • We operate a coach Meet and Greet service to welcome parties of visitors to the City

Our volunteers are located in the middle of the Market Place wearing their distinctive pink tabards.
They may also cover Millennium Place, Elvet and Framwellgate Bridges plus
the Coach Drop Off Point in Freeman’s Place.